Throw the Mexican up in the sky in Luis Launch

If there is one unique flash game that incorporates or features a cute character, it would be the one called Luis Launch. This is a game released in 2009 and has been serving tremendous entertainment since then. There are three things that are very unique with this flash game. First is the main character which is named as Luis Castanon who is a Mexican who dreams of reaching the outer space with the help of the player. Second is the coffee beans set up in the game that boost the performance of the character. Last is because of the graphics and designs that are worth appreciating and seeing.

f you want to play this game, you must first know your goal or objective that you have to accomplish. You will help Luis reach the outer space by throwing him up with the farthest and highest distance possible. The controls that you are going to engage with are keys A and D as well as the mouse click. Collect the beans to boost your performance and score.

Luis Launch

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