Stay alive and alert in Kamikaze Race

Are you up for a death-defying thrilling racing game? Forget the stressful life for a while and feel the adrenaline rush this game will give you. In the game Kamikaze Race, you are the driver and you are driving an amok car. It has no break and the accelerator is jammed. And to make things more complicated, it is running in the highway! How long can you tolerate the scenario? How much can you control the situation?

How long can you avoid the inevitable crash? Control your red car and avoid to crash against other vehicles in the highway using your left and right arrow keys. All you can do is swerve to your left or to your right since you have a jammed accelerator and has no break. You must survive as much as you can to get a high score. The longer you stay alive, the higher the score is.


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