red ball 5 volume 2

If you love to play games that will test your skills and intelligence, the Red Ball game series will surely entertain you well. Every journey of the cute little red ball in each installment will bring you excitement and thrill. In the fifth installment of the game series, Red ball 5 or better known as Red Ball 4 version 2, you will be guiding the red ball as he goes on his quest to be reunited with his love.

The main object of Red Ball in Red Ball 5 is to be reunited with his lover. In order to do this, he has to get on a dangerous journey. Guide the red ball as he goes deep into the forest. However, you have to be very careful for there are many dangers in the forest. The enemies, the black squares, can be found everywhere. Avoid them unless you can jump on them to kill them. Black squares are not the only enemy in this game, there are also other noxious obstacles like the ninja box and the buzz saws.

In Red Ball 5, guide the Red Ball in his journey in fifteen levels. While striving to the end, try to achieve the sixteen Achievements too. You can check the Achievements you have gained and yet to gain in the Achievements Room. Give your best to get the Diamond Cup by completing all other Achievements.


And as you advance to your goal, do not forget to collect all the stars along the way. Checkpoints, represented by red flags, can also be found in every level. When you die, you will go back to the last checkpoint you have reached. However, be reminded that you only have three lives which you will find at the top left corner of the screen and are represented by hearts.

Every installment in the Red ball game series are all addicting adventure games everyone would love. Even children will love playing the game series because of the attractive and colorful graphics, plus the ease of control in playing the game. And there is not violence or foul languages will be found in the game. You can play the game free, no any charges or any requirements at all.

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