Play Vex 3

One of the most popular games you will find online is the Vex game series. It has captured the hearts of those players who love challenging games online. This game series will test your skills as well as your wit. Do you have what it takes to finish every game? Or how far can you survive?


You will guide the stick figure in his quests to finish every level. But the course of every level will not be that easy. There are traps and obstacles along your way. The spikes are deadly and so with the buzz saw and a lot more. Run, jump, swim, slide down on your way and do some acrobatic moves too.

When playing the game, it would be better to play the first installment first. If you survived and were able to finish it, get on with the second edition. If you are still lucky enough to survive and had finished the game too, then prepare for more challenges in the third installment, the game vex 3.

It was said that the game vex 3 is the most difficult among the series. That is the reason why it is advice that you play the first then the second installments first before the third. You will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the whole game course, the traps and obstacles. And if you play and survived in vex 3 first, vex 1 and vex 2 will not be that thrilling anymore. Surviving the hardest edition will make the less hard ones easy eating peanut and less exciting.

The third installment has ten normal levels and nine challenge levels. It also has a Tutorial Stage at the beginning of the game. That makes twenty exciting and enjoyable levels. Not only is it the longest installment, it is also the best so far. New deadly obstacles were added. The levels were made harder but not impossible to survive. Achievements were turned into trophies; collect forty new trophies. One more improvement made was on the Stage Builder. There is no need to play the pre-developed game first before you can make your own stage. Your building tools are all set and complete to create a great stage. Play Vex 3 and collect all the trophies.

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