Play Duck Life 5

One of the most enjoyable games online you will find is the Duck Life game series. Both grown-ups and children will enjoy this game series. You could say that it is a wholesome game, having no violence, no bad influence and no foul words.


It is a management and racing game. Each installment has its own storyline and goal. But overall, you will have to train your duckling first in the fields of running, swimming, flying and climbing. And when your duck had been trained well, you can let it join races and competitions. Some competitions though have requirements before you can join.

In Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt, the goal is to find the hidden treasures in the volcano’s cave. After the defeat of the fire duck in the previous installment, the volcano has been dormant and became a tourist attraction. There were rumors that there were mysterious treasures in the cave beneath it. Be the first to find these treasures.

Duck Life 5 differs from its prequels in a lot of ways. For one, there are no titled races or tournaments in this installment. There is an actual race, to get to the mysterious treasures ahead of others. Your main purpose is to look and find those treasures, not to win title in a competition. Another difference is the genre of the game: it’s not about training your duckling. This version is more like an adventure game rather than racing.

One great improvement in Duck Life 5 is the addition of stores. Instead of a one-stop shop, there are several kinds of stores outside the cave. There is the Hairdresser and Clothing Stores where you can change your duckling’s hairstyle and clothes you can provide him with accessories too. There is a Mechanic Shop and also the Witch Ducktor Store where you can buy tools which you can use in your adventure. Then there is the Jetpack Shop where you can buy a variety of jetpacks. And there is now a Pet Shop where you can buy new and one of a kind pets which will greatly help your duckling in so many ways in his quest for the treasures. Play Duck Life 5 now and discover more new things.

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