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Survive in Earn To Die 3

If you are a zombie fan and you just love playing zombie games, you should play the Earn To Die game series. You will surely love the gameplay and will always ask for more. You play as a survivor whose town was invaded by zombies. The nice thing about this game is the absence of bloody sights.


From the first Earn to Die game, you are trying to escape from these zombies by driving a vehicle towards a safe haven. You need to upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance the next day. You will also need to buy a new and better vehicle at some point. In order to reach the safe haven, you will be driving three vehicles in the game. Only the third vehicle which must also be fully upgraded can reach the safe haven. You also need not buy the second vehicle before you can acquire the third; as long as you have the cash to buy the third vehicle. However, it will take you longer days to reach the safe haven if you would rather not get the second vehicle. However, in Earn To Die 3, some rules have changed.

The third installment, Earn To Die 3 or also known as Earn To Die 2012 part 2, picks of from where Earn To Die 2012 part 1 left off. The survivor, you, had already crossed the desert. Now, you are about to cross towns to get to a military base. It is where other survivors are being brought to for safety. And to get to the military base, like in the previous versions, you will need three vehicles to reach the safe haven. You will also have to go through three levels. Your first vehicle in Earn To Die 3 is the fire engine truck. You will be able to unlock your second vehicle which is the red truck when you finish the first level. And you will unlock the military transport once you finish the second level.

Earn To Die 3 is an addicting zombie game. You need not worry about being infected or eaten by zombies. You simply need to plow them and aim to reach the safe haven.