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Skip the green eggs in Last Egg Standing

Are you looking for an exciting stress-relieving game? Do you want to let extra time pass by while enjoying at the same time? Have fun collecting eggs in the game Last Egg Standing. You will play as the Rotten Flying Fox who wants to eat some juicy fresh-squeezed eggs. You will surely enjoy catching as many eggs as possible from four sides. Make sure not to let drop eggs, every egg you drop takes a life from you.

You only have ten lives. Collect the colored eggs for bonus points, lives or extra basket. Extra basket can catch five eggs for you. But do not catch green eggs for those are rotten eggs and will also take one life from you. Not to worry, they will not count if you skip catching them. Catch as many eggs as you can before time runs out.

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Enjoy thousands of games in Gahe Games

Enjoy the casual games you used to play in your family computer without the hassle of connecting too many wires on your TV or buying different cartridge or disc for every game. Just choose between over 10,000 titles and play. From shooting, sports, action, RPG, dressing, racing and puzzle games Gahe Games got it all for you. Forget about downloading games, because all of them run instantly in your browser.

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So stop looking for a better flash game website, there is nothing that can come close to Gahe Games. With a daily addition to the wide variety of games, you will never run out of games to play. Search according to genre with the tag button on top, just point your mouse and a drop down option will come down, and all of the games in a certain genre will come out. The games come from the top game developers in the internet, and we guarantee you, that every game we have on our website are the best ones that each company offers. Play as a princess and enjoy tea party with other princesses, Dress up models like a fashion stylist, Blaze through the finish line and race with your rivals. Or be the next sports superstar you are dreaming of. You can be anyone you can think of.

Tired of the Pop-up advertisements before you play? Here in Gahe net, you will never encounter even a single one of them. If you want to explore and discover new games, you can click on best games or hot games on top and it will show you what, most of the people that visit our website are playing. You can also click on Game Videos where guides and tips are uploaded just in case you are stuck on a level in a certain game.

Stay alive and alert in Kamikaze Race

Are you up for a death-defying thrilling racing game? Forget the stressful life for a while and feel the adrenaline rush this game will give you. In the game Kamikaze Race, you are the driver and you are driving an amok car. It has no break and the accelerator is jammed. And to make things more complicated, it is running in the highway! How long can you tolerate the scenario? How much can you control the situation?

How long can you avoid the inevitable crash? Control your red car and avoid to crash against other vehicles in the highway using your left and right arrow keys. All you can do is swerve to your left or to your right since you have a jammed accelerator and has no break. You must survive as much as you can to get a high score. The longer you stay alive, the higher the score is.