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Massive destruction is a must in Crush the Castle 3

If there is one era or period that has been incorporated time and time again in movies, television series and games, it would be the Medieval Period. There are three reasons why. One is because it resembles the kingdom life and basic things. Two is because this is the era or period where Kings and Queens are prominent and very popular. Third is because of the vibes of the medieval period that somehow offers a unique touch of entertainment.

The objective of the player in this game is to destroy and crush all the castles along the way. The scenario is that the player will act as the Siege Master who must follow the orders of King Redvonian. The King wants to destroy all the castles near his kingdom. You will have to utilize the trebuchet given to you at the start of the game. Utilize the weapons and crush the castles as much as you can. This is an entertaining game which you can play at

Crush The Castle 3 (4)

Be the best detective in Wheely 7

If you had played all six Wheely game adventures, surely you would ask for more. The seventh installment of the Wheely game series is here, Wheely 7: Detective. The cute little red car taught of opening bank account. However, the bank was robbed by a band of bad cars. It is now Wheely’s task to determine who those criminals are. You have to help him get through every level.

As you play, challenge yourself to get all three stars in each level by finding both the miniature Wheely and the tire hidden somewhere in every level. You will also find clues as you play. Solve the clues and match them to the description of the bad cars. There are fifteen levels to enjoy in Wheely 7: Detective. Play the game for free at and show the world Wheely can be a good detective.


Get in shape in Trollface Quest 6

Have you played the Trollface Quest game series? If you enjoyed playing them, you will surely love yet another version of our troll. The story of Trollface Quest 6 Sports began when, while eating pizza, a boy kicked the door of the troll’s place. Then he forcibly got troll’s pizza. Unsatisfied still with the damage he has done, he kicked troll too. And so determined to make his revenge, troll got serious on his exercises to be in a fit body and be able to kick back the boy who stole his pizza.

trollfaced sports

Help troll get through all ten levels of the sixth installment of Trollface Quest. And do this with the minimal clicks possible. Trollface Quest 6 Sports is another fun puzzle game to solve and which will sure not take you long. You can know more about it and even play for free at