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Stop the germs from breaking away in Bowel Physics Tower Defense

Are you familiar with Bowel Physics Tower Defense? If you are clueless, it is fine because this is the topic that will be tackled in this content that you are currently scanning or skimming. Bowel Physics Tower Defense is not a movie nor a television series but a flash game. This is a game created by Mad Fat Cat and has been serving or offering tremendous entertainment since 2010. This is a unique game because of two reasons.

First is because of the fact that this is all about bowel which we are all aware of. Second is because of the creative game play that will entertain many gamers around the world. The story in this game is that the germs are trying to break away from bowels through the organism and spread diseases. The mission of the players is to stop the germs from their threat. Make sure that you are able to strategically place the bowel tower defense with the best characteristics.


Reach greater heights and farther distances in Learn to Fly 5

Learn to Fly 5 is the fifth installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 5 on it. This features a stick man riding a shopping cart. Do you still remember your childhood when you are on the super market with your mother or father? Have you experienced riding the shopping cart to get some stuffs. If yes, then you will surely love Learn to Fly 5 because most of the game is all about riding the shopping cart. There are two other reasons why you will be happy playing this particular game.

First is because of the themes, graphics and designs that are truly amazing and entertaining. Second is because of the objects that will be very useful in your ride. Your objective in this game is to ride the shopping cart and then reach farther distances and higher heights with the help of some boosters. You should be able to maneuver the cart for better performance. Click here for info if you want to be familiar with Learn to Fly 5.


A lot of help to be found in Rail Rush Cheats

In playing flash games, there are instances that you encounter difficulty in a particular level or the whole game. In these times, you can feel irritated, disappointed and on the brink of giving up. Fortunately, there are now cheats and hints that are available online to help players be successful in the gaming world. One good example is the topic that this article is presenting at the moment. The name of the cheat is Rail Rush Cheats.

rail rush cheats (5)

If you are playing the flash game series called Rail Rush and is having difficulties with the game play, then this is the perfect solution for you. You can find different tips and additional hints regarding the game Rail Rush. The main goal in this game is to collect and find different treasures that will be converted into golds. You may experience or encounter some challenges that the answers can be found in this very cheat page. Some examples are pressing the keys 963, 852 and 741 if you are playing on the down, middle and up mission of the game respectively.