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Return home safely with The Strangers 4

Are you familiar with the flash game called The Strangers 4? Do you have any idea about its process, proper and objective? If no or none, it is totally fine because you will be enlightened and informed about this entertaining flash game. The Strangers 4 is the fourth installment from the game series with the same title. It is a shooter game that will test your skill and strategy. There are two reasons why you will love this game. One is because of the graphics that will really entertain and present like real life situations and action. Two is because of the challenge that will be offered to players that will really test them to limits.

The Strangers 4

In this game, you will be located in a specific hostile destination where you will have to survive against a very dangerous and hostile territory. You will have to utilize your shooting skills with the help of your sniper and other shooting weapons. If you want to experience this challenging game, you can search for it online and have an exciting game.

Utilize the weapons in Bomb It 2

Bomb It 2 is the second installment from the very explosive and thrilling flash game series called Bomb It. Obviously, this game has something to do with bombs. But this one is not a dangerous way to implement the explosives since this is done through a virtual medium. Bomb It 2 is pretty similar with the first one in terms of the mission and features. There is still the option to play this game alone or with a company.

The player’s mission in this game is to eliminate or kill all the enemies in the field using the bombs and weapons presented in the game which you can collect once you have noticed or seen them. There are four modes that players can enjoy in this game. They are the Arcade mode, Weapons Only Mode, Collect The Coins Mode and Color the Tiles Mode. This exciting and entertaining game can be played in Have fun and have a blast playing.

Bomb It 2 (3)

It is a tricky experience with The Stupid Test 4

There are different tests existing in this world. There are some being taken up to know one’s capacity and knowledge. There are others that test one’s ability and strength. However, there are test that are very tricky and sometimes, may fool you. It is actually contained in the flash game called The Stupid Test 4. Some may be familiar with this game but for others, this is your chance to be informed with this tricky test. You will know at the end of this article why it is so tricky. Continue reading so that you can search and play the game later on.

The Stupid Test 4 (4)

This is like other tests that you have taken before. There are questions that you need to answer with multiple choices presented but if you think that it is an easy peasy, you are wrong. The questions will trick you, confuse you, and fool you at some instance that is why it is called the stupid test. You will have to follow the instructions and be prepared and patience so that you can succeed in this game.