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Help Mr. Sushi Cat in Sushi Cat 3

Do you love sushi? Are a cat lover? If you are affirmative to both questions, then you will surely like the game presented in this article which is entitled Sushi Cat 3. This is the third installment from the game series called Sushi Cat 3. It is a cute flash game because it features a cat and sushi. The objective is worthy because it is about saving or rather helping the main character in achieving its goal. Mr. Sushi Cat is the main character that players will have to navigate. Continue reading this article so that you will be informed about the objective in this game.

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The scenario in this game is that Mr. Sushi Cat and his wife is celebrating their first wedding anniversary. To surprise his wife, Sushi Cat treats her to a special dinner. Unfortunately, the head chef of the restaurant where they ate captured or kidnapped Sushi Cat’s wife. The player will have to help him get his wife back by putting Sushi Cat in a maze game where he needs to eat a lot of sushi to score higher scores. For more details, just search for

Play the popular character in Ben 10 Upchuck

One way or another, some or maybe most of us are familiar with Ben 10. He is a popular cartoon character who turns into different forms due to his super wrist watch. There are two facts that explains why Ben 10 is a popular and an interesting cartoon character. One is because he is a boy, which connotes that heroes are not only related or can be achieved by adults but also by kids or boys and girls. Second is because of the transformation he is able to execute at any given time and circumstances. There is no doubt that there is an existing flash game with Ben 10 as the main character. The title of the flash game is Ben 10 Upchuck.

The player’s mission in this game is simple. He or she has to guide Ben 10 throughout the adventures he will go or face. The main goal is to transform Ben 10 as Upchuck, which is an alien, and find the King of Forever Knights and eventually defeat him. This is perfect for adventure seeker and gamers who love action.

ben 10 upchuck

Crush The Castle 1: Enter Joe Betz with Crush the Castle

In crush the castle, you control a trebuchet, throwing rocks and boulders in the castle bringing them down. An free online game with fans all around across the world. Gamers get a medieval and adventurous experience while playing this game. The detailed description of the game is available in .

Bring down the castles and kill the inhabitants. Fling the rocks on the castle into the kings, queens and knights that seek refuge in their stone metal homes. The less number of chances you take to demolish the castle the shinier medal you get. Several types of ammos are available but once you unlock the bomb your chances to acquire gold medal becomes high. This is the game that brings out the inner five years old kid in all of us. If you like physics based puzzle games, this is really one of the best.

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Beware of the dangers on the road with Road of Fury

Are you familiar with a multipurpose game? This is a game where a player will experience not only one aspect of entertainment but even more. The good thing about games like these is that it enables individual to enjoy a combination of thrill, action, and adventure. Road of Fury is a flash game where the title speaks for itself. Obviously, the title means ravage on the road related to vehicles such as cars.


This is not an ordinary game because it involves driving skill as well as shooting vibes. The unique thing about this game is that there are opponents both on air and land which means the player will have to be cautious at all times. The target will be you and you must be strategically drive the vehicle while precisely shooting enemies with the use of the gun. Shooting and driving weapons are available once you have earned enough or corresponding amount of points and money for better performance. Road of Fury is an intense and crazy flash game where players will be having fun playing. Fury is existing in this fantastic flash game.

Leave opponents behind in Downtown Drift

When a game involves cars and racing, it will be surely enjoyed and appreciated by many gamers around the world. Racing games truly illuminates adrenaline rush towards the players even if it is done in a virtual medium. Two factors satisfy the statement mentioned. One is because a racing game is entertaining, fun, and relaxing. Second is because it promotes the level of competitiveness among players in a positive way. Downtown Drift is a good example of a flash game with this theme. Just continue scanning this article for more nourishment of information about it.


If you ask about the mission or objective of this game, the answer is very simple. You just have to drift and race with other players or opponents around the street. You must win three challenges in a row to complete certain tracks. There are available upgrades that you can get if you have earn enough money or points. High speed driving is what this game really offers.