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Test your knowledge in The Stupid Test 4

The Stupid Test 4 is a puzzle game. It is somewhat like an IQ Test, only, it has a Stupid Meter where your stat is ok at the beginning and which will either go up to Smart and Genius or go down to Stupid and Retarded, depending on your answer. If you answer correctly, your Stupid Meter will go up a line. But it will go down a line for every wrong answer. And the question will not go to the next not until you answer it correctly.
The Stupid Test 4 is a fun quiz to take. It is created by and sponsored by Addicting games. It is a simple game but you can learn some facts and improve your wittiness. Some questions would make you think, others will make you smile. But as stated in the main menu, all the statements in the test are true except in the WTF level.

The Stupid Test 4 (2)

Get your revenge in Skull Kid

There are moments in our life that people bully us and degrade us in any way possible. The first reaction that we usually feel is to get revenge towards that particular person but conscience will kick in and will opt not to do so because it is a bad thing to do. In our lives, sometimes we need a break from all the stress as well as way of releasing all our anger and frustrations. If you are looking for a medium or way to relax and unwind, you can try playing flash games online. In fact, there is one game that’s particular which will let you release and get revenge in a virtual way. It is entitled Skull Kid.
If you are experiencing stress, this game is prefect for you. This is all about getting revenge to people who have done something wrong to you. The set up or the environment is the office. You will play as a former worker of an office who has been fired. You will get revenge to your former office mates in a destructive and violent way you can think of. The last part is about getting revenge towards your former boss. You can release all your frustrations and anger by violently destroying his office and hurting him in any way you like.


Crush The Castle 5: Make Your King Happy!

Crush The Castle 5 is an action and fun-filled game that will sweep you off of your feet! It is so good and very addictive! If you like shooting and destruction games, you will love it! Your goal in this game is to destroy castles and kill all the dwellers. Your king ordered you to crush all the enemies’ castles!
As an obedient servant, you will use your trebuchet and weapons to do that! Graphics of the game are very interesting with a cartoonish style. You don’t have to worry about controls, since you will use only your mouse, both to aim and to shoot. You will have a map before every level so you can find some new castles to crush. Sometimes you will have some obstacles, like walls. So, use your shooting skills wisely. You should be able to crush it with the least number of shots. Do you think you can do it?