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Kingdom Rush 2: Rally to Vigor

Feel the rush of leading the armed forces of your nation. With just few clicks, you can be able to experience the sensation of controlling troops and scheme the steps to protect an empire in Kingdom Rush 2.Same as the previous version of the gameplay, you play the role of a warrior and defend your kingdom. With the King’s trust on your hand, use your mindful tricks to protect your town and stop the evil intruders by building walls, and training troops. Upgrade defensive walls using rewards after every successful defending.
Also, play with three basic types of troops that can already be upgraded using your wages from every win. Charge your troops with upgrades to level them or surpass the difficulty of the un-human invaders.  Every level gets harder that’s why upgrading is a must. In Kingdom Rush 2, you will be able to challenge yourself up to the tip of your skills.

Kingdom rush 1 (3)

Drive a wrecking truck in Demologic 2

Are you familiar with the song Wrecking Ball? It is the famous song by Miley Cyrus where she is riding a wrecking ball in the music video. Maybe you are asking what is the relation of this song to the topic at hand. Well, the relation is all about the word “wreck” which is the main objective in the flash game called Demologic 2. This flash game is all about destroying certain stuffs to earn points and high score. You can visit the official website of this game or continue skimming and scanning this article to be more familiar with Demologic 2.
As a player, you will have to ride a truck with a wrecking ball. Your objective is to destroy as many objects as you can by swinging the wrecking ball towards different direction. The more destruction you make, the higher the points you will earn. This game is a matter of timing so make sure you properly and timely swing the wrecking ball.

Demologic 2

Skull Kid 3: Kill And Earn Money

This is the third sequel of Skull Kid games. There series are filled with excitement, violence and bloodshed. In Skull Kid 3 your hero is earning money by killing people. There are a lot of levels, obstacles and weapons available. In this sequel there are even more options and accessories. In the Game Shop you can find a lot of useful weapons with great possibilities. When you start the game, you will notice three options in the game shop: Weapons, Weapon Accessories and Power-ups. As far as the weapons, there will be pistols, knives, and semi-automated weapons. You will also find a lot of items to help you be more efficient, like an incredible item that will make you invisible. Isn’t that great! You can do everything you want when no one can see you. The more enemies you kill, the more money you will earn. Try it out now!


Serve the customers in Hot Dog Bush Game

Why does a game that involves selling and food is a hit among players? The answer is also included in the question. Players seek games where they can unleash their fascination of something like selling or serving a particular item like food. All of us love to eat and having a stall or store is one of our imaginations or dreams. Fortunately, there are flash games that can cater to that dream even just in a virtual world. One great example is the game called Hot Dog Bush Game. It is a game about servicing customers in a food stall. Young individuals and even adults will surely have a fun time engaging in this game. The rule is very simple which is to serve the food that will pop out of the minds of the customers.
The stall can handle five customers but the counter can only handle three orders so it will be a challenge to the player to quickly serve the customers so that no one will walk out. If a customer walks out, it will affect your time and earnings. Be mindful of the order and don’t be confused in order to successfully finish the service for the day. To get more details about Hot Dog Bush Game, try visiting

Hot Dog Bush Game