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Play Games Like Gun Mayhem

There are many games same like Gun Mayhem and can be explored searching websites using Google and other major search engines. To play them, see these helpful hints so that way you will be familiar with them and playing them would be more comfortable for you. In gun mayhem games, there are many options to select, and one of those options is Custom. Using this option, you will be permitted to customize the version or game to a good extent and place. The game is single, but more than 3 players can enjoy and involve in it.
More than 6 modes can be enjoyed in these games, and in each mode, the player will have a total of ten lives. So play according to these facts. Play these games with your friends and kids, and make sure to teach them all the features.

Games Like Gun Mayhem

Many levels to complete in Monkey Go Happy 2

Enjoyed the first part of the series Monkey Go Happy? If you haven’t please try this first version first and then start playing this 2nd version named Monkey Go Happy 2. The monkey wants you to catch the objects and items located in the game’s screen because as long as you succeed in completing your mission you will be helping them laughing and entertaining. Remember, keeping them entertained is not an easy task, you have to work hard to do this job. How? Visit this link to know that.
Make sure to get out of some dangerous boards and run fast before the mines kill you. Over 6 levels would be achieved in this game, the levels are difficult and challenging, but if you are expert in playing the previous versions, it will not a big issue for you.

Monkey Go Happy 2

Easy keys in linebacker 2

Fight against the hardest and toughest men at Beat all the famous in blocking and deal with the running back in Linebacker 2. You must hurry up to do it before he say touchdown! The version Linebacker 2 is the 2nd part of linebacker series. Your role in this game will be in defense. As a famous star, do not let your opponents’ team reach the touch down line.
Keep in mind that your opponents will come fully prepared with the support of his team and they will try their best to reach the finish line, and you must prevent them to get the winning title. Avoid those blockers, make sure to stop the running back, and do not let him reach the ending zone. The keys to control the game are similar to the first version.

linebacker 2

Learn Amigo Pancho 4

Your favorite character and friend is back. Remember him who is that? Well, that is amigo which can be seen in Amigo Pancho 4, the 4th part of the Amigo Pancho series. In this version, the player will find that he needs to travel around the globe, but why? Well, he wants to participate some lovely parties, some great dates, and a few spas. Besides new features that are added in this version, the game offers hundreds of props and obstacles by which the game has become more challenging and more exciting.
You have to go with him to travel around the world and must assist him get the goals as much as possible for you to make him participate the parties and events in time. Learn the objective of the game and make sure to read the manual before playing.

Amigo Pancho 4

Avoid video cards and play Raft Wars 2

Let’s play Raft Wars 2 because nobody today can think against this ideology that gaming has taken this world and youngsters by storm. Today, we can see many adults, teens, and kids that are going to market just to purchase the video cards that have high-quality performance. Why do they buy these? Well, because they want to keep their computer filled with flash games, and you know flash games require high-quality graphic cards and a lot of other stuff to enjoy these games.
But there is another fact that we can’t falsify, and that is no everybody is able to purchase the videos card because of their high rates and prices. So the solution today is playing online games. People can visit online websites containing flash games, so they can enjoy them without having any need to spend some money to play.

Raft Wars 2

30 levels in Amigo Pancho 2

Here you are going to play the 2nd installment of a famous series Amigo Pancho 2. The character and you will face robbers and bandits while going in your quest and journey. Here your test begins, that how many abilities you have to defeat those bad bandits and you must defeat in order to finish the each level. When you open the game, a character black colored will welcome you having 2 balloons in his hands. A nice written Click is created where you have to click to start the game. Some perfectly designed obstacles are also there that will try to prevent you reaching the ending point of each level.
Some additional and exciting features are also available that are unique and modern. To end this game successfully, you have to overcome the 30 stages. Must try it now.

Amigo Pancho 2

Play Games Like Penguin Diner

Penguin diner is a popular game and people are searching other games similar to that one. On the internet, there are a lot of games that claim they’re similar to the series, they are right, but can’t provide the tools and features available in the series. One of them is Diner Dash, which contains good looking characters and a nice grassy plot. On the main screen of the game, you will see many created links such as Flo’s career, endless shift, high scores, help, option, and quit.
It’s a popular game that relates to cooking and your mission is how to help Flo achieve because she needs meeting the dreams of how to manage a dinner. As you go ahead in the game, you have to make the Flo moving around the restaurant or hotel performing several tasks.

Games Like Penguin Diner

Make stunts in Uphill Rush 6

Uphill Rush series has a new entry on named Uphill Rush 6, which is proudly presented by its developer. Enjoy actions and a lot of adventures in the version, so ride a bike, bicycle, jet skis or a horse with the help of maps crossing the obstacles and get into the ending line. The version has a dahsy design with a lot of useful created links such as start game, how to play and play more games.
Now let’s discuss how to play this game. Well, use these keys to operate this game. Use the arrow keys to start , so Arrow up is designed for accelerating, Arrow down is made to reverse, the arrow left can help you lean back, and the arrow right is created to lean forward.Jumping and performing the stunts could be done using the space bar.

Uphill Rush 6