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Enjoy shooting in Skull Kid

There are many shooter games that have cover based shooting as their big part. This is a fact that the flash games can’t offer everything the player needs, and they are very limited to how much should be offered by them, however, a few games are there, offering new things and modern gaming concepts to their main screens and entire matter. Skull kid is a game that we can say it’s one of those games. what new features are available in this new game? Get all the info by visiting their site
The game is very short and can be finished in a short time, but it can keep you entertained anyway. All you need is to find the right blog or site that offers to play.
Skull Kid (1)

Kill the zombies in Zombie Shooter

Welcome to a fun physics-based and cool addicting shooting game Zombie Shooter. If we talk according to the point of the law view, it’s your duty to save all humans, so wipe out all the creatures who are willing to finish the humans living on our beloved planet.
So take your gun, use it to shoot those creatures, and keep in mind you have to use a limited number of bullets to defeat and kill each zombie in every level. You will have no need to use several controls while playing to shoot the zombies, just use your mouse to aim and then shoot. This game has been played more than 2000 times since the time of its creation.
Zombie Shooter

Much fun in Storm Ops Mature Content

One of most amazing and fun games is Storm Ops Mature Content. It’s available online for free and can be played online and even offline after you have downloaded it to your PC. This game is able to assist you pass amazing time. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in this game that can bring much fun you and your friends.
Your task in Storm Ops Mature Content is to attack your enemies so you must use the weapons and guns properly without having any mistake so that killing the enemies would be easy for you.
It’s designed using the best graphics and amazing sounds to keep you pleased while playing it online.