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Effing Worms 2 is more dangerous than 1

If you are among the people who enjoyed the first edition of Effing Worms, I am sure you are waiting for its 2nd version, yes, Effing Worms 2. The first edition was issued a while ago. That’s why many people thirstily waiting for the 2nd edition of the favored shocking title. Have a look of this game at

Before you play this edition, make sure to make yourself familiar with its first release. Because if you did not play the 1st version yet, you really missed a lot of things. Let’s discuss about its first version. In the first edition, you play a role of a big subterranean worm that has non ending hunger for diet. However, the worm looks to have checked the taste of human meat and other walking on land things. It sounds like a dangerous game.

“The Idiot Test” Game to Wake your Sleepy Brain!!!!

Do you think that you are a complete idiot? Then take part in “The Idiot Test” addicting flash game! This collection of tests is guaranteed to pull the dumb part of you out of hiding link without a fail. You’ll kick yourself when you fail to follow these simple instructions.
The trick of this game is designed to make you fail. The game lets you to practice your catching power of any puzzle .There will be instruction about what you need to do. Mastering the test for yourself is pretty fun but, unless you’re an actual idiot, it won’t take long. Remember that the real goal is to prove to others that they’re way dumber than they look. So, don’t get late and take a part in this funny and interesting puzzle game!

Use Your Mouse as a Spoon in Japanese Jello Game

The Japanese Jello game is a simple, easy and fun game which can be played using your mouse. This game has just one aim. You have to hold the slippery jello and don’t let it down. This could be difficult for you when you play it for the first time, but once you have been familiar with this game, it will be felt quite easy and simple. Yes, you have to do the practice again and again to get familiar with this amazing game.
All you need in this Japanese Jello game is to hit the slippery jello with a small spoon, so that way the spoon will prevent it from the falling down. You have to keep your focus on the tray as the jello leaves the tray very quickly. The controls of this game are also simple and easy. Just use the left button of your mouse to hit the jelly.

Be the Spy in Covert 4

Who doesn’t like to be a spy? But it is a difficult life where you have to solve every puzzle bit by bit to be successful. Covert Front 4 is a game where you can be a spy to take some mission.
Initially, you will start from a plane. But as you know nothing is certain in a spy world, your plane will malfunction and you have to fix the instrument as soon as possible to save the plane. When you land you have to take on a German general my misdirecting his soldiers. It is not an easy task because you have to solve all the puzzles to get to him. In very level you will find difficult puzzles. So, start playing Covert Front 4 to be a spy.

Burger Restaurant 2 : Build Your Own Restaurant

Well, now a day food market is the most lucrative one and may people are becoming successful here. Good thing is, before going to the real world, we can practice how it feels to handle the pressure in simulation games like Burger Restaurant 2. In this game, you have a daily target to reach and sell burgers quickly within a limited time. You have to bake the bread, grill the meat and use ketchup to make the burger. If you make any delay, customer will get angry and leave the restaurant. Therefore, you need to be quick like a rabbit to keep your customers satisfied. Be careful to check what your customers wants and be specific on how many steaks and how much ketchup they want.

This is a fun game and you will like to take the challenge of a busy restaurant here.