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Wonderful Game for You-Maze Game 8

Maze Game 8 is the eight installments which is an original game and it is available on the internet for all the players. It is not an easy task because you will face a great time with it. The game concept is really very high and you can check the game here.
Maze Game 8 is really a good quality game which is available online and there are many people who are playing it regularly. The game is available for all the players. The game is suitable for teens, kids and adults also. You will really love your time to play this game so why are you waiting, just start playing and you can have fun with this game. So, just start to play the game and you will have lots of fun by playing this excellent game. It is an awesome game and you can enjoy your time a lot with this attracting game.


Cyclomaniacs 4 is one of the racing series that allows you to race against other racers in different worlds. All you need to do is click the page to play and enjoy the game. This series is different from others as it provides diverse customization opportunities allowing you to upgrade your racer as you wish. In addition, this version has classic graphics that makes the racing world to appear more real compared to other versions.


The game provides options for setting the sound, to choose the quality of the graphic depending on the internet connectivity and after completing the levels you can clear the entire map to start all over again. To start with you will have a bike but you can purchase a vehicle with the money earned after achievements.

Guide to play

Use arrow keys or A, S, W, D to control the bike. P helps you to pause and R to restart. The shop only contains powerful bikes. Earnings rage from $800-$200 depending on finishing position.

Awesome Game-Monkey Go Happy 2

When people get fun from one thing then they want little more of it. So when they play the very first one of the game then they want the next one. So this Monkey Go Happy 2 is invented. It is pretty nice game which is suitable for all aged people.
I think you already played the first part of the game. So you know that in this game the happiness of the monkey is the main matter. So you need to do anything for him. In this game you can choice the monkey which you can see in your game in every level. Actually everything is chosen by your wish. You can select the hat which is used for the monkey. There are 32 hats in the list. You can choice any of them. There also have a lot of shoes too. You can pick any of them among the 24 shoes.

Walkthrough of Sniper Assassin 5

Sniper Assassin 5 is excellent online games which is really very amazing and while playing the game people get lots of fun. The game is made about Shawn Davidson who is a sniper. Some people have killed his wife and he is trying to take revenge. Playing all day you can enjoy your time a lot.
Sniper Assassin 5 is graphically very advanced and can give you lots of fun. You can use the sniper to kill the enemies and while doing it you will have lots of fun. You can start to play the game whenever you want and it can make your time very enjoyable. You must keep one thing in your mild while playing that the number of bullets are very short so you must be careful about it. Just start playing it right now and enjoy your time with this amazing game. Start playing it right now and enjoy your time with this game.