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Walkthrough of Cursed Treasure 3

Cursed Treasure 3 is an online game which is widely played and there are many people who are playing the game regularly. There is wonderful flash in this game and when you will play it you will really love this. The graphical view is also very attracting and thrilling for the players.
Cursed Treasure 3 is third installment which has other installments as well. The game is very much exciting and it will give you a great time. The game quality is very high and the story line can impress any person. It is a tower defense game where you have to protect the towers. It is very hard to protect the towers because the enemies are powerful and they will try hard and soul to kill you. The graphical view is also very amazing and when you will play it you will feel very happy and enjoyed. Play and get the full fun.

Enjoyable Crush the Castle Game

Did you ever get the chance of playing Crush the Castle game? If not, then you really have missed an amazing game to play. This is an action game which is full of excitements and challenges. Once you start playing the game, you will forget all the other things happening around you. The game is the production of Armor Games. Different installments of the game have been released. You are definitely going to have significant improvements in each of the installments. The game is available in different websites and you can play it for free. Visit to enjoy the game right now.
In this game, you will kill your enemies and destroy their castles. You have to do it through projectile. The knowledge of physics is going to help you the best to play the game easily. The graphical environment of the game is satisfactory and the background sound is amazing.

An Unusual Game- Monkey Go Happy

Are you bored and want to do something fun? Why don’t you go for the online games! There are many that you would love to play. If you are looking for a completely different game then you must go for The Monkey Go Happy Game. This is a game where you are going to experience something unusual. As the name of the game say, it’s related to the money. No, you are not going to play a role of a monkey. You have to make sad monkeys love. I know, you are thinking how you would do that. This is all about this game. It is really a good Game. Play here
In this game, you have to click on the given objects. After clicking on them there will be an effect that is really funny. It will make the monkey laugh. There are different levels of the game which will become gradually harder.