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Best Zombie Game-Earn to Die 2

Do you like to play zombie killing games? There are many games which are made on zombie killing but among them Earn to Die 2 is the best game ever. The game will make you pleased by its story and graphics.
Earn to Die 2 is second version of the game series and it is very popular because of the great story and concept of the game. In this game you have to go through the field where there are many zombies and you must save yourself and your truck. At the beginning of the game your truck will not have any weapon so you have to kill the zombies using your truck. After completing a level you will get some coins which you can use to purchase fuel and weapons. There is also option for upgrading your vehicle parts. But before doing those you must make sure that you have sufficient amount of fuel.

An Exciting Game- Patty Racer

If you are looking something interesting to do, then you can certainly go for Potty Racer game. It is a racing game which is full of challenges. Once you start playing the game you will realize that how wonderfully it will engage you throughout the game. In fact, you won’t realize how you have passed such a long time by playing this game. After the huge response of the first installment of the game, another installment has been released. It is called Potty Racer 2. You must give it a try. It is a big fun for ever.
In the game, you have to start from New York City and reach to the other end of the world. On your way, you will find starts. Try to grab as much as possible. It will allow you to purchase and upgrades the items. You can simply control the game by using the keyboard.

Strike Force Heroes 4 – An Interesting Game

Are you bored and looking for something exciting to do? Then you can certainly go for Strike Force Heroes. The game is the development of Sky9. The first release of the game was a huge success. After that many sequels of the game has been released with significant improvements. You are definitely going to get something new in each release. The fourth edition of the game which is Strike Force Heroes 4 is also not different from it. Most amazingly you can play the game as many times as you want as it can be played for Free. Visit this page for details.
This is a shooting game where you have to kill your enemies. Yes, you will be given weapons to kill them. The game can be simply control by using the keyboard only. Use WASD for movement. The game is full of challenges and obstacles which makes it really interesting.

Wonderful Game-Strike Force Heroes 3

If you love to play cool action games, you should never miss strike force heroes 3. While playing this game you will have to cross 50 long levels with first 7 levels are in normal difficulty. The hard levels considerably come from 21-28 levels and the advanced levels are of wonderful fun with more and more excitement and difficulties.
Strike force heroes 3 will put your skills at real test. In the exciting mission you will be provided five classes of soldiers differently. Each single class has different skills, weapons, power and other resources. In the very first level you will have an Engineer who is a reliable soldier and can help you to cross the levels over easily. You may continue it through the next levels with the other soldiers whom you can choose as the Mercenary, the Juggernaut, the Sniper and the General. To complete your mission you have to kill with newer weapons to win.