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Wonderful Game-Scary Maze Games

At present people don’t like to buy gaming CDs or DVDs. They would like to play game online. Now the online games are much upgraded. Scary Maze Games are interesting online games to play for all. These games are available in different installments and people are fan of them. You might need some time to finish this game.
Scary Maze Games are thrilling because of the graphical view of the game. This is the game that has very amazing quality and you will love it very much. This game is very interesting that you can enjoy very much. You have to go through the small mazes in the game which is quite hard to do. The mazes are very small in some places where you will feel struggle to go but you have to do it anyhow. You can start playing the game immediately if you want. It does not need a very long time to complete a level if you are skilled.

Enjoy Platform racing 4

Platform racing 4 is the next installment of Platform racing series. Go to the page to run and win the game. In this game you can run against clock or race just others online (multi player). Controls of this game are very easy to catch. Left arrow or “A” key works to move left. Right arrow or “D” key functions for moving right. Up arrow key or “W” is to jump. Pressing down arrow or “S” key will charge a super jump. Space bar or shift key is there to use an item. This game gives you option to customize certain things such as head, body and legs as well as each body part’s color; change the control keys to fit your comfort level; and design your own levels. You can change the settings to turn off or on the music. You can even choose graphics quality suitable to your computer.

Use Electric Man 2 Cheats

You must know that cheats are so much important to play a game easily. This is why you need the Electric Man 2 Cheats to play the Electric Man 2 game smoothly an easily. So use these cheats and go to the best game ever to play.
When you play so many game before then you must have an idea about the cheats of the game. So when you are going to play this Electric Man 2 game first then you must fall in difficulties at first time. But solving these difficulties many people use the Electric Man 2 Cheats in playing time. So you should also use them. If you can use them in proper way then you may make the game simple. You may get what you want from this game. You may also go to the next level or any level which you want to go at any time.

Fun with Monkey Go Happy 5

This Monkey Go Happy 5 is the fifth version of this game. You may play those one but this is really good. If you want to play this game then you need to go to the link and find here and then you can play it.
You may already know that this game is about the monkey. You need to make him happy anyway. So it is your duty to do it. So in this game at first you need to decorate the monkey so that he feels good and look nice. In the very first level you may not have so much coin but still you can get two kinds of hat and shoes also. So you can start your game with those and then try to do many things so that the monkey be happy. When you get more money then you also get more points and then you can buy more for him.