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Fancy Pants 2: The Most Remarkable Game

Good news for all the game lovers. After so long, the amazing Fancy Pants game has made its entry again but this time with a more exciting and new version, Fancy Pants 2. Designed by Brad Borne, the game will amuse almost anyone who plays it. The unique aspect of the game is Kicking the Shell. Your mission is to find the shell and kick it into the hole to make something interesting happen. Remember, it’s not always that easy as it might seem but one thing is sure the game is going to give you a great time. The amazing tricks, the music as well as the soundtracks all merge to form the best game ever. The game is simply brilliant with lot of levels for you to finish. So, without any more delay, start playing the most adventurous, most exciting and most spectacular game which will keep you engaged for a long time.

Enjoy Free Rider 2

Free Rider 2 is a new installment of the game series which is really very popular nowadays. It is the only game that will give you the opportunity to draw the road by your own. You will be in a place and you will have a destination to go. Check this awesome game now.
Free Rider 2 gives the chance to show the real creativity. It will be a great fun for you to play the game online because there are many other online players and you can compete with them by making scores. It will be a great source of entertainment. There are other installments of the game and it is the most popular one among them. Play the game right now and have the real funny time. If you have low speed of your internet connection you can play it downloading on your computer and it is a nice opportunity for you.

Awesome Game-The Last Stand 2

Do you want to play a game where you can kill the zombies? The Last Stand 2 is the game that is very suitable for you. The game has so much interesting matters that you will love very much. It is a popular zombie killing game. Play the game and enjoy your time.
The Last Stand 2 is the zombie killing game that will give you really a very good gaming experience. The game is very interesting to play. You will never have to pay any money for playing the game. Just visit our site and play the game for free anytime. In the game, the zombies killed all the people and you are the one who is still alive and want to kill the zombies. You will have different weapons in different levels and using the powerful weapons you have to kill all the zombies. This is not an easy task but if you try you can do it.

Fright, fun & challenge in scary maze 7!

This sequel has mobile objects other than those stable. Finish the game with your speakers to the fullest to have fun! Distractions are thrown at you to check your skills, as you clear level 1, the going gets tougher. Go through a start shaped maze in level 1, in level 2, you go back to something like your childhood game – Super Mario Brothers. You need to take your ball carefully so that it won’t touch the ‘Bad mushrooms’ and the wall. Here, you need to make your ball go according to an outline formed by a colorful fish. Try to avoid also the smaller fish that turns obstacles for you. Reach the last 2 levels and open their surprises yourself! Parents should see to it if it is safe for their child to engage and play this game. Fun gaming guys!