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Double your fun with Effing Worms 2

Effing Worms 2 is a sequel of the thrilling game, Effing Worms, with more fun and venture. It is the best game ever to play as it is more enticing and addictive in nature than the first game due to some of its typical features that no other game enjoys. There has been an incredible improvement in the design of the enemy worm. The new worm has now wings giving it more security than in the first game and is more giant and bigger. Moreover, you no longer see stick-looking men roving over the land as in the previous sequel of the game; instead the men are now Lego-looking and thus meatier and crunchier. The duller background is replaced with a lively one with some 2D parallax effects. There have, however, been little improvements in the background music which starts off calmly and then picks up speed in a chaotic situation. The game overall is much modified and inspires its fans to continue playing it online and beat the high scores of their friends.

Enjoy The Skywire Game

What kinds of game attract you the most? Is it the action games? Actually these games are full of challenges and excitements. You will find a lot of action games in different gaming websites. If you are new in this world then you might get confused by getting so many titles at a time. This article is going to solve your problem. You can start with Skywire game. This is an entertaining action game. Nitrome has brought this game to you. If you are a action game lover then accept the challenges of the game and complete it. Visit this link to play the game right now!
In the game you have to reach the passengers in their destination. Don’t touch the obstacles in doing so. If you do that the game will be over. Try to pass the passengers as quickly as possible to get the good points.

Curve Ball Available in Full Screen

If you have ever played the game Curve Ball then you will see that it is a new release of the game Pong. The game has the best graphical view. Pong was a popular game but now you will not see this game as a popular one because of the poor graphics. It is the best game ever for all to play online.
Curve Ball will be very much enjoyable and it will be lots of fun for you to play it and pass some good time. If you don’t have any problem with your internet connection then it would be very good for you to play the game online. Or you can download the game too on your computer. It is a very funny game for you and you can pass very good time by playing the game online. So try out the game right now and play it online.