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Play Cyclomaniacs 3

Do you love racing games? There are lots of racing games and among them cyclomaniacs 3 is an amazing one. The game is a successful online racing game that is played by thousands of players. The game is very addicting and people who played the game once can’t forget the game. This site will provide you the game for free.
Cyclomaniacs 3 is the third installment of the game series and it is a widely played game. There are only ten racers in the game and you have to compete with them. The 10 racers are computerized and they are very skill so competing with them is a quite hard task. Using the keys A, S, W and D you can control the bike that you will have in the game. If you win a race you will get some coins that you can use to upgrade your bike condition. You can purchase new parts for your bike and can make you bike more fast acting.

A Challenging Game- Electric Man 2

Electric Man is a fighting game series with its different installments. This game is full of challenges and excitements. Moreover developers are continuously trying their best to improve the game. In each installment you will notice that. Game is becoming more and more fun with its each release. In this piece of writing we are going to focus on its 2nd installment which is Electric Man 2. Visit this site for details.
Robot is one of the talked topics in today’s world. You are going to play that character in the game. Yes, you are definitely allowed to customize the look of your character. Before starting the game you can do that. The game can be control by using the keyboard only. Use WASD for making your movements. You will be given a list of weapons. Select the one that will help you the best on every situation.
Have Fun!

Play Bubble Shooter Strategically

Bubble Shooter is one of the shining titles in the world of bubble games. The game is full of excitement. There is no time limit in the game so that you can take your time before making a shot. Any one may say that this is a simple game but the player who plays the game known very well that the game is not that simple. You have to be very smart while playing the game. If accidentally you make a wrong shot, keep calm and try to make smarter move so that you can reduce the fault. Why don’t you click here to enjoy the game!
In the game, you have to shoot a bubble in such a way that it makes a group of at least three same colored bubbles. You need to make the bubbles diapered. Otherwise it will touch the floor and the game will be over.