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Different Brain Twisting Maze Games

Are you sitting idle? Then, you must do something brain storming. Maze games can be the best option for that. These games are not only brain storming but also entertaining. So, if you are bored, play some maze games and trust me it will also teach you different things. I know, you would love to try maze game right now. Visit this site for details.
You will find different brain twisting games. Let us know about some of them. You can start with the Labyrinth Mazes. Here, your task is to collect the aircrafts. In order to do so, you have to move through a given path. You are not allowed to change that path at all. You can also go for Ben 10 maze. Actually, this game has made keeping mind about the kids. You also can play Double Mazes. Here, you have to solve two different mazes at the same time.

Download and Enjoy Amazing Diner Dash

Restaurant games are such a game that involves one in different tasks at a time and that’s why player can’t realize how they have passed such a long time. Diner Dash is also not different from it. Moreover, this game is based on a touching storyline. The game has been so popular that developers released different versions of the game with different situations. The game is available in internet and you can download now to enjoy the fun.
In Diner Dash Game, you have to play a role of a girl called Flo. Recently she left her job as it was not appealing her. After that she joined a Diner shop as a waitress. Here, she has to make the customers seated properly, take their order, serve the right order quickly, and clean the table after the departure of the customers. Happy customers will give you a good amount of tips.

Take an AI Opponent in Electric Man 3

Electricman 3 is a fighting type of game designed by DX Interactive.  The game is organized into rounds and each round is made up of a particular amount of fights.  The game begins by selecting the difficulty level: easy, medium and hard.  You must succeed in each round in order to advance to the next stage.  Each round of fight is unique in every level as you have an extensive selection of different types of opponents.  Artificial intelligence (AI) takes on a big part why this game is very popular.  The AI is excellent.  Even on the “easy” setting, you can in under no conditions just push one button the entire time and win the fight.  I find it truly awesome when the opponents were actually evading my kicks.  I loved the trivial elements that were incorporated in the game such as the fact that when you toss an attacker up in the air, he can come down on you, causing damage, or come down on another enemy and in fact help you.