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The Fun of playing Bubble Shooter Games

It is a very good time to announce to all Bubble Shooter Game lovers that a new release of the game has been unveiled, the Bubble Shooter 2 edition. If one is interested in testing the console, he or she can easily do so by going to this site. Unlike the original game, this version is a more improved and new variety of the same. First, we can now recap on how to play the Bubble Shooter game. The steps are very easy to grasp. The player’s character is in possession of a shaft which that has a bubble on the tip. The player, who is the archer, is supposed to shoot at another bubble. To make a score (by disappearance of a bubble), you have to pair up at least three bubbles in terms of color. This is the objective of the game. In Bubble Shooter 2, white bubbles that gradually disappear are make way for a new set. There is a reset after that.

Amazing Hambo 2

One of the fun online games is Hambo game which has come up with its amazing sequels. The game is based on a story of pig cop. Here, we will find it out what is happening in Hambo 2.
Hambo 2 is kind of an action game where you will kill your enemies. Basically you have to win over the swine lord. You have to fight with your enemies and for that you will be given weapons. Select a perfect weapon that will enable you to overcome the given obstacles. In this game you will find 36 levels will come up with different challenges and you will be awarded by a gold standard if you are able to face any kind of challenges in any condition. Although first 3 levels are unlocked but after the third level you have to unlock the next level by clearing the exiting level. That means level 4 will be unlocked only when you will clear the level three.
Enjoy Hambo 2!