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Turn your Volume Up and Play Scary Maze Game

Do you want to know if your friends are brave? This game can tell you for sure.  To play Scary Maze Game is an extraordinary game of skills and persistence.  The objective of the game is to finish all four levels by dragging the tiny blue square to the big green square without getting contact with the wall or the black area otherwise; you have to start all over again.  Move your mouse to drag the blue square to the maze.  Turn your sound up so you will know when you are getting very near to the wall of the maze as hitting the wall can cause you your game.  This application is intended to be easy and make it look like a real maze game. That is because when they get to the third level it keeps going and right when you are about to finish the game is when it scares!

Play a Prank with Your Friends Through Scary Maze Game

If you are the adventure seeker type of person and have a great passion for the exciting and frightening game then the Scary Maze Game will probably satisfy your needs.  This game calls for the steady hand of the player to be able to achieve the objective of the game.  It is obtainable for both PC and mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad simply go to Apple App store to buy this game for $0.99.  To play Scary Maze Game will undoubtedly be a great way to freak out your family and friends.  This game consists of four levels! This application is created to appear to be a real maze game.  The player will have no notion that is a prank. When you give this app to somebody, make sure they have the volume turned up and make sure you have a hidden camera, because it will be funny!                                   

Are you brave enough to play Scary Maze Game?

To play Scary Maze Game, the game contains four levels to be played.  You have to find your way through each maze with only one purpose, to reach the end without bumping the walls or go through the agony of being terrified.  The player is required to drag the tiny blue square to the big green square without getting contact with the wall or the black area.  There is a likelihood of being terrified which will keep you on your toes when you hit the wall.  The moment you get to the difficult levels is the greater possibility of being scared.  However, it is extremely hard to know when the big surprise is coming.  To give you and your friends more thrill, pressure and increased scare impact it is best to play the game with volume on and turned up.  Be informed though that this game might give you an added shocking surprise.

Free Online Zombie Games: To Master the Plants vs Zombies Game

Zombies are just a product of the human imagination that is brought about by fear. These are imaginary monster-like creatures with decaying skin and bulging eyes. These monsters are believed to have reincarnated from the dead by witchcraft. They were brought back in to life in their decomposing corpse form. The figure of the zombie had appeared several times on television series, movies, and other form of entertainment. Often these are in the fantasy themed fiction. That is why people have developed great fear for these horrible looking creatures. They have been believed to crave for human flesh and blood. So, just the thought of them already could give you the creeps.


These zombie creatures are also featured in several video games. Creating a change from the usual adventure, quest and action-filled video games already developed.  There are several free online zombie games that have been released to give gamers a good scare while playing the games. Most of these games are tower defense games wherein the gamers’ role is to protect their home or base from those blood hungry zombies. Most often, the zombies are the enemies and obstacles in the game. They are the ones that should be avoided and annihilated in these games.


Some online zombie games available for free include the Anti Zombie Defense game, Zombie Shooter, Shoot em Zombies, Coast Zombie, Kill em Zombies, the Zombie House, and a lot more. Among these zombie games, one of the most popular is the Plants vs Zombies game. This is a tower defense game wherein your role is to protect your home from getting infiltrated by the zombies. At the start of each game, you have to line up plants and flowers on your lawn. You purchase those plants one by one depending on your fund. Each plant has a corresponding point requirement to acquire. For better chances with the game, you must first start planting sunflowers because these produces sun which in turn provides you points for the game when clicked. These flowers are your money maker in the game. These produce 25 point sun occasionally, even at night. This sunflower costs 50 points. After lining up enough sunflowers, you must then start to line up army plants for your defense. There is a wide array of army plants that could protect to choose from.  You must exploit the use of each plant to get a good edge on the game. Do not forget to use the rake before you start each game to give you a little time to line up your plants.


To know more about the plants in a Plants vs Zombie game, here are some pointers to remember about them. The peashooter requires 100 points. It causes normal damage but could recharge fast. This is best used at the early part of the game. The cherrybomb requires 150 points. Its damage is massive but it is good for one use only.   This is best used when you are to annihilate durable zombies and a better last-ditch defense. The wall-nut requires 50 points.  This prevents the zombies from passing through. The zombies must first eat the wall nut entirely before they could go further towards the house. This is a better plant to use to slow down those zombies. The snow pea requires 175 points. It causes normal damage and chills the zombies when hit. This also slows the zombies for a while. The chomper cause massive damage and requires 150 points. This one swallows zombies in whole. The repeater requires 200 points. It causes normal damage and fires two peas at a time. The squash requires 50 points. This causes massive damage and smashes the zombies on the spot where it lands. However, this is good for one use only. The threepeater requires 325 points. This causes normal damage but fires three peas at a time. All fires are on the same lane but above, in front and below. The jalapeno requires 125 points.  It causes massive damage and kills all the zombies on the lane where it is planted. Just like the cherrybomb, it is also good for one usage only. This is best use when zombies line up in a lane in volume. The spikeweed requires 100 points. This causes normal damage to zombies however, massive to vehicles. This cannot hit flyers and cannot be eaten by zombies but zombies can jump over these spikeweeds. These are only a few of the many plants that you could use to protect you in a Plants vs Zombies game. Mastering and exploiting the use of each one could give much edge in winning over those blood-hungry zombies.

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