Survive in Earn To Die 3

If you are a zombie fan and you just love playing zombie games, you should play the Earn To Die game series. You will surely love the gameplay and will always ask for more. You play as a survivor whose town was invaded by zombies. The nice thing about this game is the absence of bloody sights.


From the first Earn to Die game, you are trying to escape from these zombies by driving a vehicle towards a safe haven. You need to upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance the next day. You will also need to buy a new and better vehicle at some point. In order to reach the safe haven, you will be driving three vehicles in the game. Only the third vehicle which must also be fully upgraded can reach the safe haven. You also need not buy the second vehicle before you can acquire the third; as long as you have the cash to buy the third vehicle. However, it will take you longer days to reach the safe haven if you would rather not get the second vehicle. However, in Earn To Die 3, some rules have changed.

The third installment, Earn To Die 3 or also known as Earn To Die 2012 part 2, picks of from where Earn To Die 2012 part 1 left off. The survivor, you, had already crossed the desert. Now, you are about to cross towns to get to a military base. It is where other survivors are being brought to for safety. And to get to the military base, like in the previous versions, you will need three vehicles to reach the safe haven. You will also have to go through three levels. Your first vehicle in Earn To Die 3 is the fire engine truck. You will be able to unlock your second vehicle which is the red truck when you finish the first level. And you will unlock the military transport once you finish the second level.

Earn To Die 3 is an addicting zombie game. You need not worry about being infected or eaten by zombies. You simply need to plow them and aim to reach the safe haven.

red ball 5 volume 2

If you love to play games that will test your skills and intelligence, the Red Ball game series will surely entertain you well. Every journey of the cute little red ball in each installment will bring you excitement and thrill. In the fifth installment of the game series, Red ball 5 or better known as Red Ball 4 version 2, you will be guiding the red ball as he goes on his quest to be reunited with his love.

The main object of Red Ball in Red Ball 5 is to be reunited with his lover. In order to do this, he has to get on a dangerous journey. Guide the red ball as he goes deep into the forest. However, you have to be very careful for there are many dangers in the forest. The enemies, the black squares, can be found everywhere. Avoid them unless you can jump on them to kill them. Black squares are not the only enemy in this game, there are also other noxious obstacles like the ninja box and the buzz saws.

In Red Ball 5, guide the Red Ball in his journey in fifteen levels. While striving to the end, try to achieve the sixteen Achievements too. You can check the Achievements you have gained and yet to gain in the Achievements Room. Give your best to get the Diamond Cup by completing all other Achievements.


And as you advance to your goal, do not forget to collect all the stars along the way. Checkpoints, represented by red flags, can also be found in every level. When you die, you will go back to the last checkpoint you have reached. However, be reminded that you only have three lives which you will find at the top left corner of the screen and are represented by hearts.

Every installment in the Red ball game series are all addicting adventure games everyone would love. Even children will love playing the game series because of the attractive and colorful graphics, plus the ease of control in playing the game. And there is not violence or foul languages will be found in the game. You can play the game free, no any charges or any requirements at all.

Play Duck Life 5

One of the most enjoyable games online you will find is the Duck Life game series. Both grown-ups and children will enjoy this game series. You could say that it is a wholesome game, having no violence, no bad influence and no foul words.


It is a management and racing game. Each installment has its own storyline and goal. But overall, you will have to train your duckling first in the fields of running, swimming, flying and climbing. And when your duck had been trained well, you can let it join races and competitions. Some competitions though have requirements before you can join.

In Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt, the goal is to find the hidden treasures in the volcano’s cave. After the defeat of the fire duck in the previous installment, the volcano has been dormant and became a tourist attraction. There were rumors that there were mysterious treasures in the cave beneath it. Be the first to find these treasures.

Duck Life 5 differs from its prequels in a lot of ways. For one, there are no titled races or tournaments in this installment. There is an actual race, to get to the mysterious treasures ahead of others. Your main purpose is to look and find those treasures, not to win title in a competition. Another difference is the genre of the game: it’s not about training your duckling. This version is more like an adventure game rather than racing.

One great improvement in Duck Life 5 is the addition of stores. Instead of a one-stop shop, there are several kinds of stores outside the cave. There is the Hairdresser and Clothing Stores where you can change your duckling’s hairstyle and clothes you can provide him with accessories too. There is a Mechanic Shop and also the Witch Ducktor Store where you can buy tools which you can use in your adventure. Then there is the Jetpack Shop where you can buy a variety of jetpacks. And there is now a Pet Shop where you can buy new and one of a kind pets which will greatly help your duckling in so many ways in his quest for the treasures. Play Duck Life 5 now and discover more new things.

Play Vex 3

One of the most popular games you will find online is the Vex game series. It has captured the hearts of those players who love challenging games online. This game series will test your skills as well as your wit. Do you have what it takes to finish every game? Or how far can you survive?


You will guide the stick figure in his quests to finish every level. But the course of every level will not be that easy. There are traps and obstacles along your way. The spikes are deadly and so with the buzz saw and a lot more. Run, jump, swim, slide down on your way and do some acrobatic moves too.

When playing the game, it would be better to play the first installment first. If you survived and were able to finish it, get on with the second edition. If you are still lucky enough to survive and had finished the game too, then prepare for more challenges in the third installment, the game vex 3.

It was said that the game vex 3 is the most difficult among the series. That is the reason why it is advice that you play the first then the second installments first before the third. You will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the whole game course, the traps and obstacles. And if you play and survived in vex 3 first, vex 1 and vex 2 will not be that thrilling anymore. Surviving the hardest edition will make the less hard ones easy eating peanut and less exciting.

The third installment has ten normal levels and nine challenge levels. It also has a Tutorial Stage at the beginning of the game. That makes twenty exciting and enjoyable levels. Not only is it the longest installment, it is also the best so far. New deadly obstacles were added. The levels were made harder but not impossible to survive. Achievements were turned into trophies; collect forty new trophies. One more improvement made was on the Stage Builder. There is no need to play the pre-developed game first before you can make your own stage. Your building tools are all set and complete to create a great stage. Play Vex 3 and collect all the trophies.

Superb brawling skill is a must in Saloon Brawl 2

Saloon Brawl 2 is the second edition from the game series called Saloon Brawl. This is a fighting game that many gamers are able to pick up and play. There are two reasons why this particular game is a hit or popular among the gamers around the world. First is because of the presence of fighting skills which can be a great lesson for young gamers in terms of defense and offense. Second is because of the action that will be created as you play along with this game.

It is thrilling and exciting to engage with this game. Your objective or goal as the player is to defeat all the baddies at a Western Town. You should be able to unleash or show great brawling skills or prowess. Rely on the arrow keys and certain special keys in order to perform kick and punch skills plus the special attack. Super Brawl 2 is perfect for players who seek great action games.

Saloon Brawl 2 (1)

It is all about good controlling and navigation with Fireboy and Watergirl 2

There are games existing that focus on navigation and controlling scheme. One good example is Fireboy and Watergirl 2 which is already the second installment from the game series with the same title minus the number two on it. This is created by Oslo Albet and is released in 2010. There are two great things about this game. First is because of the fact that it lets players be aware of the essence of teamwork. Second is because of the involvement of great graphics that are appealing and attractive.

The main characters in this game are Fireboy and Watergirl. They are two different kids that must work together in order to reach the safe doors with the corresponding colors. Fireboy can walk through the red liquid while Watergirl can walk through the blue liquid. Don’t forget to collect the necessary gems to advance on the next level. There are lots of level to experience but you have to make sure that you are able to clear each stage with gems and great grade.


Skip the green eggs in Last Egg Standing

Are you looking for an exciting stress-relieving game? Do you want to let extra time pass by while enjoying at the same time? Have fun collecting eggs in the game Last Egg Standing. You will play as the Rotten Flying Fox who wants to eat some juicy fresh-squeezed eggs. You will surely enjoy catching as many eggs as possible from four sides. Make sure not to let drop eggs, every egg you drop takes a life from you.

You only have ten lives. Collect the colored eggs for bonus points, lives or extra basket. Extra basket can catch five eggs for you. But do not catch green eggs for those are rotten eggs and will also take one life from you. Not to worry, they will not count if you skip catching them. Catch as many eggs as you can before time runs out.

Last Egg Standing (1)

Enjoy thousands of games in Gahe Games

Enjoy the casual games you used to play in your family computer without the hassle of connecting too many wires on your TV or buying different cartridge or disc for every game. Just choose between over 10,000 titles and play. From shooting, sports, action, RPG, dressing, racing and puzzle games Gahe Games got it all for you. Forget about downloading games, because all of them run instantly in your browser.

Baseball Game (2)

So stop looking for a better flash game website, there is nothing that can come close to Gahe Games. With a daily addition to the wide variety of games, you will never run out of games to play. Search according to genre with the tag button on top, just point your mouse and a drop down option will come down, and all of the games in a certain genre will come out. The games come from the top game developers in the internet, and we guarantee you, that every game we have on our website are the best ones that each company offers. Play as a princess and enjoy tea party with other princesses, Dress up models like a fashion stylist, Blaze through the finish line and race with your rivals. Or be the next sports superstar you are dreaming of. You can be anyone you can think of.

Tired of the Pop-up advertisements before you play? Here in Gahe net, you will never encounter even a single one of them. If you want to explore and discover new games, you can click on best games or hot games on top and it will show you what, most of the people that visit our website are playing. You can also click on Game Videos where guides and tips are uploaded just in case you are stuck on a level in a certain game.

Stay alive and alert in Kamikaze Race

Are you up for a death-defying thrilling racing game? Forget the stressful life for a while and feel the adrenaline rush this game will give you. In the game Kamikaze Race, you are the driver and you are driving an amok car. It has no break and the accelerator is jammed. And to make things more complicated, it is running in the highway! How long can you tolerate the scenario? How much can you control the situation?

How long can you avoid the inevitable crash? Control your red car and avoid to crash against other vehicles in the highway using your left and right arrow keys. All you can do is swerve to your left or to your right since you have a jammed accelerator and has no break. You must survive as much as you can to get a high score. The longer you stay alive, the higher the score is.


Massive destruction is a must in Crush the Castle 3

If there is one era or period that has been incorporated time and time again in movies, television series and games, it would be the Medieval Period. There are three reasons why. One is because it resembles the kingdom life and basic things. Two is because this is the era or period where Kings and Queens are prominent and very popular. Third is because of the vibes of the medieval period that somehow offers a unique touch of entertainment.

The objective of the player in this game is to destroy and crush all the castles along the way. The scenario is that the player will act as the Siege Master who must follow the orders of King Redvonian. The King wants to destroy all the castles near his kingdom. You will have to utilize the trebuchet given to you at the start of the game. Utilize the weapons and crush the castles as much as you can. This is an entertaining game which you can play at

Crush The Castle 3 (4)